Steve Martin on comedy

In this interview Charlie Rose talks with Steve Martin about his new autobiography. The interview is interesting, and there are certainly things that are applicable to dancing, too.

Some choice quotes:

“Be likable.”

“When I first put my fingers on the C chord and G chord, I could not make the difference. But I kept saying to myself, that if I just stay with it, one day I have been playing 40 years. […] Anybody who sticks with something for 40 years is going to be able to play.”

“[On his breakthrough] Playing at every dump and every nice place and in every kind of situation. At that point you are just so experienced at this point. You just go “Ok, that was a bad joke.” And there is a confidence that comes out. A real deeper confidence..that I think the audience smells.”

“In both art and therapy you are exploring the sub-conscious. The difference is that in therapy you try to retain your discoveries, in art you discard them.”

“Our failures are more interesting than our successes.”

“Be so good they cannot ignore you.”


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