Burned Out

It seems I have been burned out from dancing and practicing tango. I have been travelling too much, almost every weekend. In the hindsight, the signs of the burn out are clear.

The occasions of pure joy are getting rare, even when dancing with people who dance beautifully.

My enjoyment is killed by the feeling that I seem to be no longer be able to help the followers to relax when dancing with me, but instead they get more and more tense. Intellectually, I know that this feeling may be partly misleading. My dancing has probably never been better, technically. But with some women the dance tenses up so strongly that this is most certainly much worse than it has been for ages.

What I feel is that some followers, even extremely good followers who dance beautifully, gradually tense up ridicuously much when dancing with me, even when the flow of the dance is good. From this observation of the tension I can deduce two things. Firstly, followers are probably not aware of the tension; otherwise they would be able to relax it. At most, it seems to be pre-conscious, as some seem to be able to talk about it. Secondly, the follower probably does not feel very good, but depending on her personality, probably attributes it to be her fault.

Seems like a good time to have a break.


About Mikko

A man hopelessly bitten by the argentine tango bug.
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